I am a lover of coffee.  I love a good cup of coffee.  I can't start my day without it.  I am also in love with an Irishman. So today is the perfect day for me to celebrate.  Today is Irish Coffee Day.  I will say this, there is no need to worry, I didn't start my day out with Irish Coffee, but that doesn't mean I won't finish the day with one.

Irish Coffee is a tasty treat.  Over the holidays when I was on vacation, there was a morning or two where my Irishman surprised me with his version of Irish Coffee.  It was an interesting way to start off the day.  Now you probably don't want to start the day with an Irish Coffee when you have to go to work, however,  it does make for a tasty after dinner drink or event a late afternoon treat.

An Irish coffee is a alcoholic drink so you have to be careful when you do enjoy this tasty coffee.

Here's what you will need if you plan on making a Irish Coffee

Brown Sugar
Whipping Cream
Irish Whiskey
Irish Coffee Mug (it works best with one of these mugs)

In the meantime, here's a couple of ways to make an Irish Coffee.

Or if you want a quick and easy way to enjoy and Irish Coffee, just throw some Baileys in with your morning coffee.

Go out and enjoy a nice Irish Coffee today to celebrate.

I'm gonna go call my guy and listen to him talk, there's just something about and Irish accent.

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