Facebook has become a mainstay in people's lives.  I'll be honest I keep it open on my computer all day.  However, lately, I have been becoming more and more annoyed at certain things happening on Facebook.  So I decided to put together a list of annoying things and reasons why to delete someone off of Facebook.

Offensive language

You can always find one, maybe two people that love to drop the f-bomb on their Facebook page or post offensive things over and over again.  This includes super offensive language, racism, sexism, etc.

Too Political

Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey - Icons
It's alright to talk about politics, its OK to have a debate about politics, however if that is all you talk about or all you post about, then that's a quick way to get unfriended or hidden.


Sometimes it is OK to talk about something and get your friends advice but if you are constantly whining about how bad your life is, seriously, find a new hobby and stop the pity party.

Random Inspiration Quotes


Every now and then it is great. I love seeing inspirational quotes and pictures on facebook.  Some of those nice quotes are needed, but if you log onto facebook once per day or once every couple of days and share every little inspiration quote and picture that everyone of your friends has shared.  STOP!  Enough is enough and I'll bet that I've seen it already because we have mutual friends.

People are Sheeple

I get that quirky little holidays are fun, but really does everyone have to jump on the bandwagon?  Oh look it's National Tie Your Shoe Day, I'm gonna post a picture tying my shoe.  Next thing you know, your entire news feed is filled with people tying their shoe.

Changing your relationship status over and over and over again


Here is a great idea if you are in and out of relationships, then just remove that section from your profile, that way you won't let the world know about your serial dating.  After awhile they start thinking the problem with your relationships is you.

Inviting your entire address book to every event you are involved in

Its nice to be able to invite people to things, but you don't have to invite everyone in your address book to every little thing you take part in.  Pick and choose, they are your friends, if you think they would love to attend then invite them, but don't just invite everyone because you can.

Posting About What You Are Eating All the Time

Lori/Yum Sushi!!!!!
Lori/Yum Sushi!!!!!

I'm guilty of taking a picture of my meal and posting it, however, not all the time.  On occasion it is OK.  It's fun to see what kind of food people are trying, but if you are posting about what you are having for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner everyday, STOP IT!  No one cares.

Using Facebook as a recipe book, how to guide, or a fashion portfolio

There is a website for that, it is called Pinterest .  Please go create an account and stop filling the news feed with recipes, pictures of clothes and nails you want, and how to remove stains.  Plus, it is easier to go back and find the stuff you have pinned on Pinterest, on FB you'll have to dig through you timeline.  But remember if you repin something on Pinterest, please uncheck the post to Facebook box.

Pictures in front of the mirror

obligatory mirror pic
Stop with the mirror pictures.  Yes, that is an awesome outfit, I get it, but I don't want to see your dirty towels or dirty counter tops.  Wait till you are around someone and have them take a picture of you it will be a better picture anyway.



So now you know what I find annoying on Facebook?  What do you find annoying?  Did I miss something?




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