Last summer the day care where my son goes had a lesson on 911.  So he knows when there is an emergency he picks up the phone and dials 911.  Any time he sees those numbers on a poster he says, "Mamma I call 911 for emergencies.".  That is why this latest story is kind of funny.

As most people know calling 911 for no apparent reason or for something stupid can get you in a heap of trouble.  It is there for our safety.  I made a mistake one day here at the office, I was trying to dial out and of course we have to hit 9 to do so and I was calling long distance and I guess I hit a couple of numbers too many times because the next thing I hear is the receptionist over the intercom asking if someone called 911, and I, embarrassed realizing that it was me, admitted it. Luckily they accepted it was an accident and we didn't have an officer show up to the station.  It was unfortunate dialing accident pushing the wrong numbers on the phone.

So, I digress, a couple of kids ages 6 and 4 from in Kingston, NY decided they would pick up the phone and dial 911.  When the 911 operator answered they asked to speak with the Police Chief or Santa Claus.

The details of why they wanted to speak to the Police Chief or Santa Claus were not released.

I'm sure the kids were terrified when a police officer showed up on their door step, I know I would be, but the officer explained to them the proper use of 911 and that it was for emergencies only.

I guess they thought 911 could help them tell Santa the other was being naughty not nice.

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