Amarillo has the Christmas spirit. I can feel it. We need to let Santa know that we have it too. What better way to get his attention then by lighting up the Amarillo skies?

Now, I know we seem to do that on a daily basis with our beautiful sunrises and sunsets. That has to get his attention a bit. How about putting a little boom behind it? What better way to have Christmas spirit than fireworks?

We Have Christmas in July So Why Not 4th of July in December?

I think this is a great idea. We haven't had fireworks here in a couple months. December is the perfect time. I guess the folks at Hodgetown agrees. They are going to make it happen.

"Christmas in the Sky" is happening Friday, December 17th. The gates will open up at 6:15pm and the fireworks will start at 7pm. You certainly can not have a night like this without some Christmas cheer. Santa Claus will be there.


What About Snacks for the Family?

You can't have Santa and Christmas without milk, cookies and even hot chocolate. The sounds of Christmas will be there as well. There will be carolers as well to make sure we are set with all our Christmas cheer.


This is going to be the largest fireworks show at Hodgetown. So definitely one your family does not want to miss.

The Best News is the Price

Of course we have to discuss the price. It seems that everything this time of year can be pricy. The thought of another expense. I get it. The best news is guess what? You can bring the whole family out and enjoy the fireworks for free.

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Yes that is correct. Absolutely free. So there really is not reason not to get your Christmas spirit up. I mean Santa will be there and he is still making his list and checking it twice.

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