So I've been married almost 7 years and occasionally on Valentine's Day I get flowers (truthfully I like the surprise flowers on a random day the best).  I get Gerbera Daisies because they are my favorite.  I'm just not a red rose kinda girl.  Have you ever wondered what flowers mean.

Red Roses. Represent true love by saying "I love you."
However it also says"I'm not very creative and didn't put much, if any, thought into this buying decision."

Yellow Tulips. They mean you're hopelessly in love with her, but you're worried she's not that into you.


Daisies. Represents innocence, loyal love, and faith and says "These are delicate with a hint of spontaneity, just like you."

Orchids. They supposedly represent "refined beauty", but "Marie Claire" also says they make you look pretentious.

Pink Carnations. They represent "a mother's love", so they're more appropriate for Mother's Day than Valentine's Day.

Coriander. It's actually an herb, but it's used as filler in bouquets.  And according to "Marie Claire", it represents "lust", and means you're more interested in sex than you are in having a meaningful relationship.

Yellow Roses. Represents joy, friendship, apology, jealousy, dying love, infidelity, and heartbreak and it says "I have no idea what I'm trying to say."

Peonies. They look kind of like carnations and represent "shame and bashfulness" . . . so your woman might think you're having an affair.

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