I am the first to admit I love everything about spring and summer. I love the warmer weather and the longer days.

But here is the thing......we make it to this time of year and it seems like we are just tired! I mean really! Especially if we have kids! Am I right?

My daughter is grown and moved out of the house. I miss her being little. I do. I also remember how it was this time of year and how glorious it was.

I don't want to say I tricked her.....but lets be honest! I did! Do I feel bad? Nope, not really because this trick will only last for a short time in your child's life. Take advantage of it.

So here it is. Not really anything too diabolical. On Sunday, after the time change Saturday Night....after we 'fall back" one hour, it is easy to convince the kids to go to bed early. I mean the ones who can't tell time. Right?

It will get darker a bit earlier after we "Fall Back" so convince the kiddos to go to bed. I mean it IS dark. Oh and you get an hour to yourself.....read a book....have a glass of wine or just go to bed.

Keep this up as long as you can. Remember you are benefiting your child by getting them more sleep. You are welcome!

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