I don't remember eating dirt, but I remember my kids doing it, at least once. I'm sure I did myself because I seem to have a memory of what it tastes like. As I grew to be an adult, I lost that tiny waist I had in college. However, a spoonful of clay may chase the pounds away!

There are researchers in Australia who have found that we might lose weight by eating ...CLAY! It appears some sort of "magic" clay, that will absorb ALL of the fat from the food in our stomachs, and keep it from blowing up our bodies.

Apparently, there are, and have been clay diets. There is something called "Bentonite" clay, which has been around for years as a diet supplement. People who tried it, say eating it, as just as awful as it sounds. This from the people who gave us Vegemite, so, it must be horrific.

The current clay researchers tried a different kind of clay and they believe it's much more effective and it has a chance of being an extremely effective diet aid.

It's probably going to be a while before we can get it as more research needs to be done. They'll check for possible side effects and of course...taste.

Would you eat ...clay, to lose some pounds? Let us know, below!

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