So apparently there is a place in London that is serving a new kind of ice cream.  At first you might think it's for babies, unfortunately its not.  ICK! If you dare

An ice cream parlor and restaurant in London called 'Icecreamists,'  just debuted a new flavor of ice cream that you can't get anywhere else in the world.  It's ice cream made out of  breast milk.

The restaurant blends breast milk, vanilla, and lemon zest, and churns it into ice cream.  They're selling it for about $23 a serving.

A 35-year-old woman named Victoria Hiley from Leeds, England, provided the restaurant with the first batch of breast milk,  about 30 ounces, which was enough to make 50 servings.  She was paid $72.

The restaurant is offering women $24 for every 10 ounces of milk they provide.  Every 10 ounces can make about 15 or 16 servings.

They say another 13 women have already signed up.  All of the women will be screened beforehand to make sure their breast milk is safe and disease-free.

(Daily Mail)

So with all that revealed, is there anyway you would ever try something like this?

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