I'm one of "those" people, who don't need an excuse to eat ice cream. With temps above 100 degrees, I had the perfect excuse to go try ice cream in a new way!

Walking into Amarillo's new Freezing Roll Rolling Ice Cream, is nothing short of nirvana for fellow ice cream lovers. I enjoy all things Thai, and this process of making ice cream has Thai origins.

You watch, as the actually MAKE your ice cream, in front of you. There are several menu items to choose from, but you can make substitutions. When you get your order, you'll notice it's rolled and place neatly in a cup. The taste is heavenly!

Don't deny yourself some great ice cream. Stop by Freezing Roll Rolling Ice Cream at their new location,  It's off Soncy, next to J;'s Bar & Grill, in the old Subway location. Take some pics and post them on our Facebook page, or below!

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