High fashion is a complicated thing.  It is an acquired taste reserved for only the most well trained eye.  At Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, we were given a sample of exactly what is high fashion.  Ladies and gentlemen, we were given the Thong Jeans.  Since I am a connoisseur of all things high fashion, I had to get a pair and try them out.  You know, because "high fashion"

I have to admit, the more I wore the Thong Jeans the more they grew on me.  I can see myself wearing them to pool parties, family BBQs,  even summer camp.  Make your own pair and try them for yourself.  Then we all can enjoy the perks of living in high fashion.  Big thank you and "I'm sorry" to the girls of Plato's Closet and the lady smoking a cigarette at Wal-Mart.

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