It's Wet Nose Wednesday where we introduce you to a loving furry friend at the Amarillo SPCA that needs a home. This week, meet Keta! (Click play on the video above!)

Keta is a beautiful, senior Main Coon cat. He is 12 years old and is at the shelter due to his owner passing away. Keta has a grey, black, and brown long hair coat. He is an indoor cat, litter box trained, quiet, and good with dogs and cats. He has lived most of his life with just adults, but may do well with kids over time. Right now, Keta is very scared as he has lived 12 years never being in a shelter situation. Main Coons are known as the gentle giants of the domestic cat world. They are some of the biggest domestic cats and have set world records for their size. They have distinctive features such as tufts on the tops of their ears, and large snow shoe paws. Maine Coons are known to have great personalities and sometimes will imprint strongly on their humans.

If you would like to adopt Keta or any of the other wonderful animals looking for their fur-ever home, give the Amarillo SPCA a call at (806) 622-0555.

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