It's almost that time of year, again. You could say it marks the start of summer. On the first Saturday of June, every year, fishing enthusiasts and those interested in giving it a try can head to the water.

What beats fishing in Texas? Not much, other than free fishing day in Texas.

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What Is Free Fishing Day In Texas?

In the state of Texas, you can't just go fishing willy-nilly wherever you want. There are rules, and those rules include you having a fishing license or endorsement. It isn't terribly expensive to get one, but if you aren't sure if you'd go often or at all, then it's a fee you probably aren't interested in paying.

Enter free fishing day, June 3, 2023.

On the first Saturday in June, you don't need a license or endorsement to go fishing. Grab that fishing pole in the garage that was left behind by a former tenant or drunk buddy, and go find yourself a body of water.

Wherever you decide to fish, do be sure to check for regulations regarding size and catch limit. There might be other rules you need to know about as well. You just won't need to worry about someone asking to see your fishing license.

Free Fishing In Texas All Year Round

Something I was unaware of, is that Texas offers free fishing all year. It's true. It says so right on the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's website.

The "free fishing" is allowed at Texas state parks all year long. You'll still have to pay any admission fees, and if you're fishing off of a man-made structure you'll only get to use pole-and-line. You also only get to use two poles.

You'll also need to check with whatever park you're in to see if they have any additional rules.

Texas is notorious for its fishing, and you've got plenty of opportunities to enjoy it this year.

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