Does the idea of winter just make you so happy? Or are you one of those that just want to hibernate until the spring?

Whether you love it or hate it, well it is upon us. So there was a survey about the things we love the most about winter. See if you agree with this list.

  1. The crisp air in the morning. - Yes, you need a jacket.
  2. How it looks outside covered in snow. - Yes, it is prettier. It is even prettier if you don't have to get out in it!
  3. A night by the fireplace. - Ahhhh, that would be nice!
  4. Walking through crunching leaves. - Yes, that is really nice.
  5. Christmas lights. - There is something peaceful about all the bright cheery colors.
  6. Not feeling guilty about staying in. - Nope I sure don't feel guilty about that. One of my favorite things to do.
  7. The sunrises and sunsets. - Oh and we have some very pretty ones here in the Texas Panhandle.
  8. Holiday food. - Is there anything better?
  9. The smells. - Peppermint and Christmas tree scents! Yep, sign me up!
  10. Christmas Shopping - It is actually kind of fun to find that perfect present for that perfect person.

Do you agree with this list? What other things do you love about winter? Comment below!

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