Prime Day, or should I say Prime Days, is here. It's become the day we keep checking for great deals on all sorts of items all over Amazon.

I must admit that I did make a purchase on the first day. It's been something I have been wanting for awhile and this really was a good deal. Here is my Prime Day purchase.

I have been contemplating buying a ring doorbell for some time now. I live alone and I refuse to answer my front door unless I know who is there or I know someone is on the way. It's a safety thing. I have security cameras too but sometimes it takes me too long to get the app open so that I can see who it is.

This purchase is going to make that process so much easier. I will get notifications on my phone when someone rings my doorbell. That is going to be nice!

Oh and the savings. Really it was a pretty great deal for something I really wanted and feel that I needed. Plus the Echo Dot was practically free. My first smart speaker purchase. I shall see if it really is something I can't live without.

At least I haven't made any impulse purchases yet. Luckily there is still that chance for me today. I mean I feel that is why Amazon decided to make it a two day event.

Did you make any purchases yet for Prime Day? What did you get? Comment below.


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