I know it's going to be a hot day.....but I forget ALL the time to crack my car windows or to put up my sun shade. So everyday when I get in my car it is like an oven.

It's my fault I know. Do you know the fastest way to cool it down?

I usually just blast the A/C and drive with the windows up....it works but is that the best option? Apparently there were tests done and it, in fact, was not what would cool it the fastest.

Apparently if you roll the passenger window down.....fan the car with the driver's side door about 6 times then blast the A/C and drive off with the windows up....that creates a low-pressure system that literally sucks the hot air out of the car.

That option cools your car down faster than the way I did it by a half degree....which when it's over 100...yeah I will take it.



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