It's been a wild week for the Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse in Amarillo. There have been rumors flying all over the place about it closing. Then it was bedbugs. Now it's not bedbugs, and everything is a-okay?

What the heck is going on over at the Amarillo Amazon Warehouse?

First, The Reports Of Bedbugs

In case you were asleep or hiding under a rock somewhere, earlier this week news reports were running rampant that bedbugs might be doing the same at the Amarillo Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse.

According to those reports, the warehouse was going to have to close due to a bedbug infestation.

I think it was at this moment that most of us learned that the warehouse in Amarillo doesn't send packages out to we the consumers. They handle returns.

So, at the very least, we learned more about our local Amazon warehouse.

Hold Up. It's Not Bedbugs.

Now, we have reports saying that after closing up the warehouse and bringing in experts it has been determined that bedbugs are not present at the Amarillo Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse.

Those same reports state that the warehouse will reopen for business as usual starting on Friday, 9/30.

Social Media Experts, and Expert-Experts

What has been most interesting is watching all of the experts come out of the woodwork, no pun intended.

First you have every armchair entomologist claiming they know, based on the few facts that have been given, exactly what it is that was found at the warehouse. Then, you have actual pest experts giving their two-cents on what it could have been that was mistaken for bedbugs.

I doubt we ever get more, officially, than what we've already been told. The good news is that the warehouse is opening back up, and if you've received a package from Amazon anytime recently you don't need to worry about unwanted passengers hitching a ride.

People getting to get back to their jobs, and I don't have to worry about the boxes on my porch. I'll take that as a win-win.

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