The menus varies with the POTUS. Not the state dinners, but on the top floor of the White House, in the President's residence. What does the First Family call the White House kitchen for? Former chefs for our most famous address and its occupants spill the ...jelly beans.

The taste buds of our Presidents and their families, get revealed in an April 15, 2018 issue of Cheat Sheet.Some of the most unusual include Thomas Jefferson's preference for wine, and lots of it. 4-6 glasses at dinner and 4 more before bedtime. Abraham Lincoln enjoyed gingerbread cookies.

George H.W.Bush would call for pork rinds covered in Tabasco sauce. Bill Clinton brought a recipe for Coca-Cola jelly. George W. Bush asked for peanut butter and honey sandwich. Richard Nixon liked ketchup to his cottage cheese. Franklin Roosevelt truly loved fruitcake, while John Kennedy prefered Boston clam chowder.

First Ladies could and would set some rules. Nancy Reagan insisted Ronald Reagan, was not be given chocolate. Michelle Obama, limited her husband Barack Obama to weekends only, for pie.

Our current president, Donald Trump, asked the White House chefs to duplicate McDonald's Quarter Pounder and fried mini-apple pies. The chefs are still working on it.

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