It's a dream many of us at one time or another; to be a star. A study was recently done to see which states have been the birthplace of the most stars, and Texas wound up pretty high on the list.

Here is where Texas ranks in the top 5 states to be born in if you want to be a star.

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Texas Is In The Top 5 States Where Stars Are Born

When it comes to birthin' future stars, you might be surprised to find out the Lone Star State is a pretty good place to do just that. According to a study recently done by TicketSource, Texas ranks third in the nation when it comes to babies born destined for stardom.

There's a staggering number of celebs that point back to Texas as their birthplace. In fact, 8,299 stars have Lone Star roots. This includes stars in everything from sports to the silver screen, and everything in between.

Texas Is The 4th Best State At Giving Birth To Movie Stars

If you narrow that list down just to actors and actresses, Texas winds up coming in at number four on the list; right behind Illinois of all places. Never would I have guessed Illinois to be a state great a birthin' babies destined for stardom.

The number one state, of course, is California. The second is also painfully obvious. New York comes in just under the home of Hollywood.

When it comes to actors and actresses that trace their first moments of life back to the Lone Star State, the total number (according to the study) is 1,346.

If you're hoping that your baby will be born with a future date with a stardom laced destiny, making sure they're on Lone Star soil seems like a pretty solid way to help make that happen.

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