As Halloween approaches, some folks will turn their attention to the great beyond. It fascinates most of us when a celebrity passes on, and the weirder the circumstances, the more fascinated we are.

There is a Facebook group, that will keep you up to date, on who has had a date with the Grim Reaper. As our celebrity hero's begin to age, it's not a surprise to hear that they've joined the "choir invisible. It's the celeb who is still young and vital that can interest us the most.

The group is called "The End Zone" (get it?) and is a clearing house of the famous or infamous who have ceased to be. Search for it on your FB, send them a request to enter, and you'll be approved. You can review previous posts of celeb's date with eternity.

It's free to join, and if you find it too spooky, you can leave it without an exit interview. You can be one up on your friends, when you begin to get notices, that someone has moved on. This could be the best Halloween groups ever,

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