I never understood why people don't accommodate for their pets when they move.  You make a promise to these animals when you bring them into your home, that they will be yours forever and will have a home for their entire life.   It crushes my heart when I hear stories of people surrendering their pets because they are moving and can't take the animal with them.  Zoey is one of those animals.

You make a way to take your pet when you move.   They aren't something to be brushed aside.  Zoey lost her forever home and needs a family that will be with her until she crosses the rainbow bridge.  She is sweet and loving and will make you the best pet.

If you are interested in Zoey contact the Amarillo SPCA.

11901 S. Coulter
Amarillo, TX 79119
(806) 622-0555

Tuesday-Saturday 12PM to 5PM

The cost to adopt an animal from the SPCA is $100. However, if you do multiple adoptions they offer a discount. The adoption fees include spaying or neutering, worming, rabies, micro-chipping, and shots current up to when the pet is adopted.

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