Oh and I love receiving them too. I really do. I don't think that someone is being lazy when I get one. I don't think "hey do they even really know me?". I just love that I can then go out and get exactly what I want.

I don't need another coffee mug for Christmas. One that will never be used. I have a collection of those. I don't even drink coffee. So the couple I have at home will be just fine. This is where I am so for those gift cards.

This year it makes even more sense. We want to support local. We really do. Maybe, though, we don't really want to be out shopping in all this talk of our numbers on the covid front. Who can blame us.

This is where I say buying gift cards is just perfect. We can still support our local shops and make sure that they are not hurting this holiday season. We can get cards to our favorite stores and favorite restaurants. We can also get in and out without spending a lot of time around other people.

There are even places that you can order online. That is what I did for a gift my daughter wanted this year. I went to their website and purchased exactly what she wanted on a gift card. Now when she comes to town she can go and pick it up.

I know she is getting what she wants and I didn't have to go out shopping. Oh, and I am supporting a friend of mine and his business. It is a win win. So in 2020 while you are wanting to get your Christmas shopping done but also want to stay healthy go ahead and join me here on the gift card buying side. Trust me it really will make life easier. They are one of the easiest presents to wrap.

Did I mention how much I hate wrapping presents?

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