Betty White, a true icon of television and movies, is one of our favorite actresses of all time. She has been in the business since 1939. She's charmed us on TV sitcoms, she's stolen our hearts on the big screen, she's helped win money for several game show contestants, and she's taken on the SNL stage in one of the best guest hosts in history. This is why we love Betty White!

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    Betty White is 89 years old, so it seems appropriate that she is advertising AARP. This lady can make anything look cool and well, I look forward to turning 50 and joining AARP.

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    Betty White can play shy, coy, clueless, and the vixen. She is funny, smart and sarcastic all wrapped into one. All in All she is an outstanding actress.

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    Betty White isn't afraid to play the diva. I mean she has every right, since she's been in this business for most of her life. Ryan Reynolds takes the wrath of Betty on an interview spoof for Funny Or Die while promoting The Proposal. This video is edited however there may be a scene or two that may be offensive

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    I think Betty's comeback came when she was laid out on the football field during the Super Bowl for a Snickers Ad. What other 89 year old can take a hit like that and keep on moving.

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    The number one reason why we love Betty White is because of the Golden Girls. No one could have played Rose Nylund from St. Olaf better. Betty knew how to play sweet, ditzy Rose to a T. I still find myself watching Golden Girls re-runs and loving every minute of Betty's performance.