I woke up this morning, and the temperature my car gave me was in the single digits. The windchill was intense at 4 AM. Unfortunately, it sounds like we might have these mornings for the next few days.

Be Sure You're Ready For The Colder Temperatures

Frozen pipes are something a lot of people I know have had to deal with already this year. For the most part, that's a pretty easy problem to avoid. We're all familiar with the easiest way.

Don't forget to let your faucets drip.

This is the simplest way to prevent a frozen disaster.

What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze?

A lot of resources mention using a hair dryer to thaw out frozen pipes. Some also recommend using a space heater if it is safe to do so.

Every resource I found says that the first thing you should do, is turn off the water to the affected part of the house.

I've personally had to use the hair dryer method before. It was an old house and there was one real problem area that it seemed like I was always having to work on.

If Your Pipes Freeze, Be Careful Trying To Thaw Them Out

No matter how you're thawing out your pipes, be careful. Reports came out recently about a home in the area that caught fire while someone was trying to thaw out their pipes.

Luckily no one was injured.

When you're working to thaw out your pipes, be sure that you aren't putting a heat source close to the wall. Also, be sure you're using a tool appropriate for the job.

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