We have been pretty lucky here in Texas to reopen as quickly as we have from the coronavirus. There are parts of the country that are just barely getting back to business. However, one category of business that has remained slow to return in Texas has been entertainment. How do you manage to open a facility that is usually packed with people while maintaining all the distancing and safety measures that are needed to not spread the virus. Fortunately for us, Wonderland Amusement Park has been taking the time to answer that question and announce that they will be reopening!

Even though it has only been since last summer, it feels like forever since we have been out at Wonderland. The staying at home really makes time drag on. Gates will open to the public this Friday night, June 19, at 5:00pm. Along with all of your favorite attractions, Wonderland is also planning to unveil two new rides in the West End section. The first is the Spin-o-Saurus Roller Coaster and the second new attraction is the Old Tymers Car Ride.

Credit: Wonderland Park

The Spin-O-Saurus Roller Coaster is located in the bustling West End. This coaster was built in 2015 in Italy and found its new home at Wonderland in 2020. The Spin-O-Saurus allows two riders per car for double the fun.

Credit: Wonderland Park

The Old Tymers Car Ride features several old time cars and a track that twists and turns. Drivers of all ages will enjoy letting the wind whip through their hair on these old classics.


When it comes to virus safety, Wonderland is putting strict protocols in place. Those include hand sanitizer at gates, all kiosks and each food stand. Brightly colored stickers will be placed throughout the park to assist with social distancing. Wonderland employees will be wearing masks and frequently sanitizing rides. Guests are encouraged to wear masks but are not required to do so. We can't wait to see you this summer with the road crew out at Wonderland.