Halloween is great. It’s not one of my favorite holidays That would have to be Thanksgiving and Opening Day. Lol. If you answer "What is Opening Day?" We can not be friends. Yes, I stole that from a meme on Facebook.

So I was asked to dress up at the station as a Dead Celebrity. I thought and thought....I can not dress as a woman. All I came up with had to require wearing a dress. Besides my wedding and all my days at Catholic School...I can not do that.

So I thought and thought. I even asked you to help me. I got some suggestions...not as great as my own first thought. I am so an Investigation Discovery watcher. So I had to go that route.

I tried on the wig I bought. Ummm...no...I felt more like a Beatle (still could be a dead celebrity if I was going for John or George....but I wasn’t)

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This is the item I ordered. No matter how I messed with the hair I can not get it to look like this. Check it out.

credit: Amazon

So here I am a few days from Halloween and what I need to wear with a crappy wig. So I reordered today! It should be in on Tuesday! Hoping for a more relaxed look and I ordered it in brown this time. Come on!

Dressing as a dead celebrity is not as easy as I thought it would be. I mean why would it be? Oh and the weather is supposed to get colder again. So not my week. Again.