Amou Haji, a homeless man who lives in Iran, is no stranger to the news. Over the years, numerous publications have wrote about Haji, dubbed the "world's dirtiest man," who has not bathed since the mid-1950s.

Now, the 87-year-old is back to making headlines.

This time, Haji is shocking and perplexing professionals in the medical community after he was recently revealed to be in perfect health despite not taking a shower or having a bath since around 1955.

Haji says he chooses not to bathe because he believes soap will make him sick. He is also reportedly scared of water.

Not only has Haji not bathed or showered in nearly 70 years, but he reportedly lives on a steady diet of roadkill and dirty water. He also smokes dried animal feces in a pipe.

A team of doctors, led by Dr. Gholamreza Molavi, professor of parasitology at the Tehran School of Public Heath, ran a slew of tests on Haji, including AIDs and hepatitis tests. The doctor was surprised to find no disease-causing bacteria or parasites on the man's body.

In fact, medical professionals discovered Haji's only ailment is trichinosis, a disease that comes from eating raw or under-cooked meat.

However, the infection seems to produce no symptoms or discomfort for Haji.

Professor Molavi found that Haji does not have any concerning diseases, but he does have a pretty solid immune system after six decades of living in filth.

Haji may not be bathing any time soon, but at least's he's got a clean bill of health!

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