It's always good news when the kids of Amarillo have new places to look forward to. It looks like nothing but good news for Amarillo. In fact 2022 looks to even be improving.

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When I talked with my friend who works in the offices of Westgate Mall. You know the people who really know what is going on. It's not just rumors. She let me know that there would be some exciting changes to our mall. Those changes are coming this year.

What is Happening in Westgate Mall?

How about adding a place where the kiddos can play?  We use to have Lights Off in the mall. If you don't remember Lights Off it was a fun golf place for the family. The lights were off with all kinds of neon lights. Since that has left the mall we have been hurting for somewhere new to take the kids while out at the mall.

A Place to Bounce Around

How about a new place called Urban Air Adventure Park. It's an indoor trampoline park. The kids just love it and us parents love having another place to bring the kiddos for fun and birthday parties too. It's an indoor Adventure Park.

According to their website:

With attractions that cater to any level of adventurer, there’s something fun for everyone. At Urban Air, your mini warriors can conquer obstacles, show gravity who’s boss, and have a blast seven days a week.

According to Coldwell Banker's Facebook page they are looking to open up in the 3rd quarter.

credit: Coldwell Bankers
credit: Coldwell Bankers

So this is confirmed and will be adding to our mall here in 2022. Good news for Amarillo. Check out more about Urban Air HERE.

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