We all love the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. We want our stuff to work great. We want all the latest features. When it comes to cell phones it's the price tag that goes along with it that holds us back.

New Technology is Great, The Price is Not

It use to be that you sign a new phone plan and you got the newest phone for free or pretty close to it. I miss those days. Now you can pay a "low monthly fee." That is great and all but by the time it's done you have paid nearly $1000 for that phone. Oh and if you have more than one person you are paying for that can hurt.

Are You One That Has an Older Phone?

I am first to admit I go kicking and screaming and wait until I absolutely have to before I upgrade. I currently have a 10 XS and I only got it a year and a half ago when my 6 went kaput.

Soon You May Have to Upgrade Whether You Want to Or Not

I know it seems like I am the bearer of bad news but you may need to get a new phone soon. Depending on who your service is through will determine the time line. Since most networks are moving to 5G if your phone doesn't have those capabilities you will be one of those needing to upgrade.

It Depends on Which Network You Use to Figure Out Timeline

If your carrier is AT&T they plan on shutting down their 3G networks next month. So you may be needing to use that tax refund to upgrade. T Mobile and Verizon plan on giving you a little more time.

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T Mobile is giving you until July first and Verizon until the end of the year. So make your plans accordingly. As much as I hate the cost of the upgrade I do usually find myself much happier once I get that new phone in hand.

So it's not all bad.


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