Fitting Rooms Are Going High-Tech
The dressing/fitting room is changing.  They are going more high-tech.  They are getting a smart upgrade. A few stores including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have been testing out new dressing rooms that have smart mirrors.
Color Changing Ice Cream
A 37-year old Spanish physicist by the name of Manuel Linares has invented an ice cream that changes color when you lick it.  It's kind of like Hypercolor ice cream.
Microchip Birth Control
A new form of birth control is set to go into the initial testing stages starting in 2015.  The idea began with Bill Gates and his colleagues and a MIT scientist.  It is a microchip that is implanted into your arm, stomach or buttocks that releases hormones.  This birth control microc…
Kids React to Technology: The Game Boy
I love these videos where kids react to technology.  They take an old piece of technology or an old video and let kids play or watch it, and then they get their reactions.    This time the kids are given a Game Boy.

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