Technology is great but with it comes problems we never seemed to have twenty years ago. Would you ever have thought that we would spend so much time on our phones? Or on our computers?

I mean literally we seem to be in the digital world even more than we seem to be in the real world. A lot of times, yes, it may be for work but that doesn't seem to make a difference. We spend around eleven hours a day in the digital side of life. That is a heck of a lot of time.

So think about it. We do detoxes to help out our body health. It just goes to figure that maybe we should think about doing a digital detox to help our body AND mind. What exactly would a digital detox consist of? How painful would it really be?

Well for a lot of us that are truly addicted we are the ones that need it the most regardless. Of course you can not go cold turkey on ALL types of digital communication. We have to use it for work like I said. We also need to not cut off the ties with our family that will need to get a hold of us.

This is more the cutting off the digital world for entertainment purposes. Still tough but will be very beneficial. Instead of spending hours on Facebook grab the family and head out to Cinergy and play some games. Instead of watching everyone Tik Tok how about take a stroll around Medi Park? Replace those digital encounters with something involving your family or nature.

Spending too much time in the digital world can cause problems. You may have trouble sleeping. You may start feeling a bit more stressed and burned out. Maybe even feel a sense of sadness. So taking a digital detox may be just what the doctor ordered.

So how do get this detox started? Go ahead and delete some of the apps you need to avoid. You can reinstall them later. Having them out of sight may make it a bit easier.You may even want to start with limiting yourself. Some jobs you have to be on social media. Get on and off. Do you work then walk away. Put your phone up so you don't feel tempted.

Start off slow. Take a day away. Oh and then see if you can make it a couple. It may be tough but it is doable. Improve your body and mind with a digital detox soon.

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