You are driving around Amarillo and heading for an afternoon to visit your grandparents....if you are still that lucky.

Yes,they had stress in their time too.....but can we agree that technology has made our lives a bit more stressful. Here are some things they never had to worry about.

You are on Facebook scrolling through and somehow <Like> a very old post someone has. Then it makes you realize that you look like you were stalking them. There is a term for that "deep like."

You take a sick day to hang out with friends then someone tags you in a photo. Busted! Best way to prevent that is to change your settings so that you have to approve other people's tags first.

Uh didn't proofread a text....and as luck would have it....that dreaded Autocorrect changes a word on you. That never happened to your grandparents when they wrote letters.

Group texts....they can be great or they can be horrible for you. Have you ever gossiped about someone in a group text...then realize they're on the group text? Ooops. Older generations just had to make sure the person wasn't within earshot.

Have you ever been guilty of any of these? Comment below.

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