Do you find your mornings really stressful? I can only imagine that, between worrying about what your day has in store, you have to also add in the stress of having the kiddos and hoping they are ready.

Does it seem like you just don't have enough time in the morning to get everything done? I mean you could get up early but then you will be exhausted and will say there is not enough time in the night to sleep. I get it.

Here are the things most parents are stressed about in the morning. The things that can start your day off on a sour note.

Does it seem like it takes forever to get the kids out of the bed? Try setting an alarm and placing it in their room so that they have to get up to shut it off. Sometimes just getting out of bed is the toughest part.

Now once they are out of bed not everything will always run smooth. The process of them getting dressed can drag on. They can't find clothes to wear or maybe "mom, where are my shoes?". It happens. Make sure you pick out their outfit the night before. Their whole outfit, including their shoes and backpack. Just that simple move can save so much time.

Breakfast can also slow you down. If you can pick out something to eat the night before that will help out a lot. Hey--bonus points if you can pre-make it too. Just reheating is so much easier.

Once breakfast is done, you are not out of the woods yet. If you have to have a lunch for them, well...again, get that packed before bed. The more stuff you can have already done, the smoother your morning will run.

Clean up as you go, so you don't return home to a mess. Nothing is worse than that. Especially if one of the kiddos spilled their milk. That is never fun to come home to.

Try to get as much done as soon as you can it will make for a much easier morning for the whole family.

What other stresses do you, as a parent, encounter in the mornings? Comment below.


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