The dressing/fitting room is changing.  They are going more high-tech.  They are getting a smart upgrade. A few stores including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have been testing out new dressing rooms that have smart mirrors.


Not only are they mirrors, these smart mirrors offer advice to the person trying on the clothes.   Plus, it collects customer data for the store.   The mirrors have cameras and other sensors, these make it to where the person trying on clothes can see themselves at all angles.


So do you think these new smart mirrors are a good idea? Would you be comfortable getting dressed in a dressing room that has cameras? How do you keep these cameras from taking pictures of you in your underwear. However, it would be cool to have a outfit suggested to you, or a shirt or pants that would go with whatever you are trying own.  I guess all technology has its pros and cons.

It would be kinda cool to request a shirt or pants and have somebody deliver them to the dressing room.

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