There is more help coming for West Texas A&M students. This all to help out due to the pandemic that hit earlier last year. The University realizes that they have a lot of students that need the help right now.

So how about waiving the application fee again through July of 2021. That is a great start. They have done that earlier and it does help their students out. That is not the only way they are trying to help.

WT wants to make sure that there are ways to help pay for the college experience too. College costs a lot of money and if they can find ways to lessen that burden they are doing just that.

If a student needs help with housing, books and food among other things then applying for a grant from the CARES Act is a good way to start. With is being a grant it is not something the student will have to pay back.

There are other options for undergraduate students that they really should look into. They can check out The Texas A&M University System Board of Regent Scholarship Fund. There is also the WT Merit Scholarship Program that is available too.

There are also opportunities for students that are seeking graduate degrees for them to sign up to get money too. Visit HERE for that information.

There are so many opportunities for students to move on and get a degree at WT they just need to take the time to apply and start looking for those financial aid opportunities. They are there.

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