I couldn't believe my ears when I was told that Pauly Shore was going to be in town. I have seen all the movies, even owned most of them at one point. What stand-up of his I could get my hands on, I listened to on repeat. I never missed a chance to see him on TV. Could it be true he is coming to Yellow City?

Yes. It's true. Pauly Shore is coming to Amarillo, next month.

Pauly Shore In Middle Amerrrrrricuuuh...

According to the advertisements that have been floating around, he's going to be appearing at MJ's Saloon and Grill on 4/20. Of course he is.

You can click here to go to MJ's Facebook page and get more details.

I've been freaking out and talking about this now for two days straight. Pauly Shore is going to be in our city. Mayor Nelson ought to give him a key to the city or wheeze the juice at a Toot'n Totum to celebrate.

Pauly Is Honestly At The Top Of His Game

Seriously. Go to YouTube and just look up his channel and watch some clips of him doing stand-up. Better yet, just follow this link. Just take it all in. The podcasts, the stand-up, the bits, the films...

Pauly has never been better, so don't call it a comeback.

Plan Ahead. It Is A Weeknight Show.

Which is usually the case in Amarillo. I've seen some people asking why Pauly would come here, and honestly he was probably on his way through and just so happened to have that Thursday open. They call those routing gigs. I don't know for sure, but that would be my guess. We got lucky.

Pauly is an icon. When you mention the 90s, the image many of us get in our head looks a lot like the Weasel. Whether it was Encino Man, Son In Law, Jury Duty, In The Army Now, or Bio-Dome, he captured something about the era that a lot of us latched on to.

Here's to hoping I can find a way to make it out to this one.

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