It was on September 19th when Raquel Saunders left her last post on Facebook. In that post she let everyone know that she was fighting covid and would be put on a ventilator soon. She asked for prayers.

Raquel Saunders was a Sergeant with the Amarillo Police Department. It wasn't even a month later when the sad news hit Facebook from the police department:

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Amarillo Police Department Sergeant Raquel Saunders, 50. Sergeant Saunders started with the Amarillo Police Department on October 8th, 1998 and worked in many units throughout her 23 years with the Department and most recently as a detective in the Domestic Violence Investigation Unit.
On October 13, 2021, Sergeant Saunders died due to complications from Covid.
That was the post I have seen shared most on Facebook. She was a friend to a lot of people. The news hit hard. She had a big smile and people loved her. I was contacted a few days ago about a way to celebrate her life.

Yolos the food truck and now a place in Downtown Amarillo wanted to honor her. They knew her passing left a mark on the city. They also knew she had a love for music. Especially a fondness for Karaoke. So they wanted to bring all of this together.

Yolanda from Yolos reached out to me to let me know about a fun time on Friday.
Mark your calendars and please join us to honor Sgt Saunders. We will be raising money for her family
credit: Yolos
credit: Yolos

There will be several Amarillo food trucks joining in to help out this family. There will also be music. So a great day of honoring Raquel. Food, fun and music the way Sergeant Saunders would have wanted it.

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