There is nothing like the excitement of ordering something from Amazon and knowing it will be delivered in a couple of days. You almost can't wait.

Have you ever had your hopes and dreams ripped away from you? You got home only to discover that your package is not waiting for you. Some low-life scum stole it off your porch. This has been a problem here in Amarillo and across the country, really.

Now it could get you a felony here in Amarillo. It even covers the whole state of Texas. Here are the facts. Our Governor, Greg Abbott, signed into law House Bill 37. It goes in to effect coming up on September 1st. The charge depends on a few things.

The number of victims will determine whether or not the theft qualifies as a felony – less than 10 addresses will be considered a misdemeanor, 10-30 is a state jail felony and over 30 is a third-degree felony.

Now don't be that person who gets arrested and when asked why you are in jail.  If your response is "stealing Amazon packages". It won't make you look tough...oh and probably will make you target number one in the pen. I mean we all love our deliveries. If you are one that takes away that joy....well I just wouldn't want to be you.

I'm not surprised at all that Amazon supports this bill. They are even trying to get it pushed into other states. A win for Amazon is a win for all of us the customer's who, at the end of the day, just want what they paid for.

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