How Do You Listen to the Radio?
We live in an age today where just about anything is at our finger tips.  I have been working in radio (and yes I am about to date myself) for 17 years.  In those 17 years the business has changed quite a bit.  However, I love the fact that radio is so accessible these days.
The Thanksgiving Meal is Not Just a One Day Feast
I was sitting here thinking about Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to give thanks, spend time with family, and stuff yourself silly.  However, as I am thinking about the holiday and the meals.  My Thanksgiving isn't just one day, or just one meal.
Who Are You Voting For Today to be the President? [POLL]
So today is Election Day!  Voting is the right of every American.  So I encourage you to get out and vote today if you haven't already.  A soldier(s) died to give you the freedom to vote, so honor their memory today by marking the box of the person that you see fit to run this country.  Also if you …
Thanksgiving is Exactly 8 Weeks from Today
I was made aware of something that, well, it just simply terrified me.  It wasn't Rick jumping from behind a corner in a zombie mask.  It was an email I received saying Thanksgiving is exactly 8 weeks away today.

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