Kids between the ages of 8-14 are invited to attend a summer camp at the High Plains Retreat Center in Canyon.

The summer camp is being hosted by 101EliteMen, an Amarillo organization that specializes in both mentoring and community service. The dates and times for the summer camp will be July 14-17 from 6:30am to 6pm. Availability is limited so make sure to sign your kid up soon! You can sign up through their Facebook page "101EliteMen Amarillo".

The event is free and transportation will be provided. The drop off and pick up spot will be located at the Warford Activity Center located at 1330 NW 18th in Amarillo.

One purpose of this summer camp is to promote self accountability through activities focused on decision making. Other goals include team building which will teach collaboration and healthy competition as well as critical thinking.

The reason for teaching critical thinking is to help the kids use their abilities through creativity. This would be a great summer activity for the kids. A great alternative to playing video games all day and doing chores around the house. The summer camp would also make a great staycation event for those wanting to save money. This would also give your kids the opportunities to make new friends and develop new interests.

Best part of all the event is free. FREE!!! Why pass a free event that would typically cost over $100? 101EliteMen will also be providing all meals during the camp including take home meals.

Anyone needing additional information should contact Curtis Johnson at 334-477-2968.

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