I have always loved the idea of summer camps. So much to do. So many new things to try. I will admit I am the least creative person. I can't decorate or have any creative skills to make things look nice.

I would love to learn. Kids these days have so many more opportunities to learn creative stuff. I am a bit jealous. I ran across a neat Summer Camp being offered by the Ruffled Cup, 3440 Bell Street.

The camp will run for four weeks and will teach the kids so much. The first week (June 15th week) they will focus on the basics of decorating cupcakes. Each student will get to take home four cupcakes for them and the family.

During the second week (June 22nd) they will teach your kiddos how to decorate sugar cookies. This will include learning how to use those couplers and bags for decorating. A nice little trick to learn. The kiddos will also get four cookies to take home that week too.

If the third week interests you more you will learn how to decorate a chocolate chip cookie cake. The kiddos will learn about fondant. They will learn how to roll, color and even cut in designs. Of course that cake will be brought home for all to enjoy.

The final week is when they will take everything they learned and put it all together to decorate a 6" single layer cake. I mean these classes teach you everything to make decorating throughout life so much easier.

Each week the cost is $120. They last every day from 9:30am until 11am. If you sign your kiddo up for all four weeks they will get some really cool things as a bonus. They will get their own apron, rolling pin, cake spatula, bags and even tips to bring home. This way they will have all the tools to recreate everything at home.

If you want to read more about it or to get your child signed up check it out HERE. Definitely a cool take on a summer camp.

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