Growing up in the care free world of being a child who knew that dinner would be that decision that would haunt us as adults. I mean every night it is a huge topic of conversation. What are we going to eat. Even if you live alone it is still that difficult choice.

There of course is the decision then if you decide to go out of just where? I mean this is an every day conversation that you have to decide. Maybe you decided to stay home. You don't want to cook though and you don't want to drive to pick up take out. So what are some other choices?

I am a big fan of heading to Market Street and picking up a Ready Meal. Then you just have to heat up in the microwave or oven. That is nice. Or you can go to the deli and pick up a pizza or bucket of chicken. Easy there too. Heading to a grocery store is a normal choice. You expect having help there.

I saw recently that with planning you can even head to Ruffled Cup and pick up dinner. To me that was surprising. I am not sure why because they do have a cafe so food is served there. It still was surprising to me. So I headed to their website to see what they had to offer.

I was interested. They have several family meals to choose from and in different sizes. So whether you need to feed 2-3 people or 5-6 they have options. The prices were even reasonable as well. So you can bring home mac n cheese, a pasta bake, family sized casseroles, or even mix and match.

The best thing is you don't just get the dish. You get the stuff to make it a complete meal. They will throw in, depending on what you order, a salad, garlic bread, chips and salsa, and a gallon of tea.

So while you are looking for more options to make dinner for your family easier. This may not be a bad idea.

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