Ok this is not a drill. The thoughts of 2020 are behind us. At least that is what we need to remember. Too many things were cancelled last year. Not many proms, graduations or summer camps. Luckily that was all last year. Here we are and things are so much better. Many people have been vaccinated. The idea of things being cancelled are not the same.

This is our year. Finally 2021 is looking up. So here we are. Summer is just around the corner and we need to make plans for our kiddos.

Starting next Monday, April 12,  you can get them signed up for summer camp at the Maverick Boys and Girls Club of Amarillo. I mean it’s going to fill up fast. Oh don’t you miss out. If you are looking for a fun camp this could be the camp of all camps.

credit: Maverick Boys and Girls Club of Amarillo Facebook
credit: Maverick Boys and Girls Club of Amarillo Facebook

From June 7th through August 11th all of your worries could be gone. What a great idea. They will provide breakfast, lunch and a snack. Woah how cool.

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There will be field trips too. The kids will get to go to the zoo. They will get to do some fishing. It would not be a summer camp without getting to swim. They will be able to skate as well. Plus a lot of other fun activities. The kids will have a blast. Oh and the price. How did I not know about this when my daughter was growing up? Only $250 for the entire summer.. Oh so cool.

Contact the club for more information at 806-372-8393.

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