Even if you have a passing relationship with Pop Culture, you'll probably still recognize most of the character costumes, you see on Trick Or Treat. We all love Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, and Dracula, but I always hand more goodies, to kids whose costume, makes me think "Who is that suppose to be?" Here are five costumes, I'd like to see on my porch.

1. Elvis as a child. If a four year old knocks out a verse of "Hound Dog", I'm digging a little deeper in the candy basket.

2. Tom Brokaw- He's a brilliant broadcaster and writer. These days he's looking more like Mr. Magoo. If the child can speak a couple of sentences and mispronounce the letter "R" in words, bonus points are added.

3. Margaret Hamilton- She was the Wicked Witch Of the West, in "The Wizard Of Oz." However, I'm not as interested in the witch costume, as I am Margaret Hamilton, the person. As in, what she REALLY looked like, without the make-up.

4. Pete Best- He's the drummer The Beatles kicked out for Ringo. I've seen a Paul but never a Pete. Carry a drum around but don't play it. Insist your mother manage the band. Points awarded for a pencil thin mustache.

5. Charles Manson- Has there ever been a more scary guy? He doesn't have to speak. Just look insane, have filthy hair. Send three bald girls to get candy for him. This is a winner!

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