Let's face it, not all off us watch the Super Bowl.  There are some people in the world who just aren't football fans.  For those who aren't here are 5 things you can do besides watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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Enterline Design Services LLC

  • 1

    Go to the Movies

    Think about it, most everyone is at home or somewhere else watching the game.  Go enjoy a newly released movie without having to fight the crowds.

  • 2

    Watch the Puppy Bowl

    It's cute puppies pretending to play football. It's a cute overload

  • 3


    Hey why not put on your favorite PJs and curl up in your favorite blanket and catch a few more Zzzzzs.

  • 4


    Yeah, sometimes cleaning is more fun.

  • 5

    Go to the Gym

    Most people that go to the gym are sports fans.  However, if you don't want to fight over the treadmill or the weight equipment or even the lap pool.  Go workout while the game is on and have the place to yourself.

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