In a world where it is OK to buy Nerf guns for kids, where nearly every cartoon and show has some sort of shooting apparatus, a 7-year old finds himself suspended from school over a toaster pastry.


Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the no tolerance policy when it comes to guns at schools.  However, a toaster pastry in the shape of a alleged gun causing a suspension, that doesn't make sense to me.



I have a 6-year old, and if he's playing and pretending he will take a hanger and pretend its a gun. Don't get me wrong, I didn't teach him about guns as a baby or a toddler, I honestly think it's ingrained in their DNA. Especially when a 18-month old puts his finger and thumb in the shape of a gun and goes pow pow.  I chalk it up to a boy thing.  I do know this I do teach him that guns hurt people and can kill them and if he ever comes across a real gun then you don't touch it and you tell and adult.

I personally think that this society has gotten so twisted that innocent child-like things have been blown out of proportion.

It was a toaster pastry, the kid was chewing it into a mountain shape.  The teacher freaked out and the kid was suspended.

I'm sure this child has been trouble for this teacher in the past.  ADHD kids are usually tough to focus, but a toaster pastry, what was it gonna do shoot jelly?

Maybe I'm just jaded when it comes to stuff like this but isn't enough, enough when Hide and Seek is bad and blowing out birthday candles can give you the plague.  When can kids just be kids.

Would this child have been suspended if he had made boy parts out of his toaster pastry?

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