It's a beautiful Texas Panhandle Day and you are driving with the family down Bell Street. Maybe you are heading to Big Lots. Maybe you are making your way to John Stiff Park to hang out and walk the dogs. You roll down your windows to let some fresh air in. You decide it's been hot so let's give the AC a little break.

You may be doing more harm than good. Using the good ol' air conditioner may be better for you. It really depends on how many cars are on the road with you. If it's a busy day in the 806 you don't want all that exhaust and particles from other cars inside your lungs.

Your AC would be better. It's not perfect of course because it will only filter out the larger particles. The smaller ones will still find their way to you. If you are waiting at the light at 34th and Bell it is even worse if you're windows are down. Any intersection that you are waiting is just a way to get more particles in your car and eventually into your lungs.

What can you do? It is actually better to have the air inside your car recirculate. Breathing in that air is so much better. Do you know which button makes that happen?

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

It is that button you push in that has the car on it. Having that pushed in recirculates the air you already have in your car. It does not add any harmful particles from other cars. So drive smart and drive safe.

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