Everyone is working for the weekend right? I mean we all look forward for some time off and maybe hang out with our friends. Go to a movie....go get dinner or drinks. That has not been the norm for awhile now.

Though we can still find things to do that keep us social distancing and even at home for some. Let's admit it we do need to get outside some. We can still be responsible.

I have seen people have virtual happy hours. We are still able to see our friends AND have a drink. You can use Zoom or even Facetime. Technology is great. Make it more fun by planning an activity. Maybe an arts and craft project or even play a game. Use your imagination and have fun and a few drinks.

Now is a great time to try new foods. I know you can't go out to a restaurant but that doesn't have to keep you from eating great food. Pick out a new restaurant you have never tried before....check out their menu and order. You can either go pick up curbside (so you can still get out of the house. You can also try a new delivery service. Give a go. Find a new favorite.

I know that you are probably missing out on going to games. It doesn't even matter what sport is your favorite. We miss the cheering and complaining about a bad call together.Going to a game is fun. Since we can't do that there are some options. You can get on Youtube and find a past favorite game to watch again. Or on Sunday you can tune in to Mix 941 and listen to a game from the Sod Poodles Inaugural Season. The game starts at noon. There are still options. Maybe not new games but these times call for a little creativity.

There are lots of opportunities to "visit" places on-line. You can take in the Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago. That was one of my favorite places to visit growing up. Really a lot of museums and such are doing just this. A get-away without leaving your house. Try it.

You can still get out and enjoy a nice walk. Take your dogs...they would appreciate it. Head around your neighborhood or to a park. Just keep your social distancing and enjoy your weekend.

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