I am the first to admit that when the weekend is here all I want to do is go home and find something on Netflix to binge watch.

I am not that person that likes to wait week by week to watch an episode of my favorite show. That is so not me. I love to spend my Saturday just watching episode after episode until I finish a series.

I recently watched "Dead to Me" on Netflix and watched 2 seasons of "Brockmire" on Hulu. Well as it turns out that is not the healthy way of life.

There was a study done that revealed that binge watching can be hazardous to your health. I mean I guess I can see that.

I mean I am just laying there watching show after show. A sedentary day like that I can see is not that great. There have been studies that sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk for metabolic syndrome. That in turn can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes.

Not to mention the fact that when you watch a lot of TV it can increase your mindless eating. I mean who doesn't like to snack just a bit? That can lead to obesity.

If that is not enough it's also been shown that most people binge watch alone. That can lead to a lack of socialization which can up your chances of heart disease and stroke. With that decrease in social relationships it could also increase the rate of depression and other mood disorders.

So yes you may want to just mindlessly watch show after show but maybe limit your time alone and watching. Get out of the house a bit. Have lunch with your friends or binge watch with them.

Just find a way to not be alone and sitting still all weekend. It's something I need to work on too.

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