This borders on a thin line when it comes to child abuse.  A father forces his 4-year old to run around in the snow in just his underwear and a pair of shoes.  Apparently, this was done to "toughen him up." Really, a 4-year old practically naked in the snow.  This video is disturbing.

According to

The boy, Duo Duo, was running with only a pair of pants and trainers to combat the morning temperature of minus 13 degrees Celsius in New York, where the family from the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing spent their Spring Festival holiday.

The 44-year-old entrepreneur trained his son to run in the freezing weather for five minutes and do push-ups despite the boy's trembling and cries for a hug.

He uploaded the training footage online and dubbed it the "eagle dad" parenting approach, the Yangtze Evening News reported yesterday.

Do you think that this is strict parenting or should this man be punished for child abuse?

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