A new twist to an old favorite shopping experience is opening in Amarillo at the end of August.

A new monthly flea market is opening up in Amarillo.   It's more than a traditional flea market.  It is a flea market with a twist.   It's Yellow City Flea!

Yellow City Flea as described by their founder:

Mostly highly curated artisans, craftsman etc with a touch of curated antiques thrown in, as well as good food and music.

This is a new way for craftsmen in the Texas Panhandle to show off their wares and for people to come and shop and find unique items.

Unlike a traditional flea market open on every weekend.  Yellow City Flea will only be open on the 4th Sunday of every month.   Their Grand Opening will be coming up on Sunday, August 26th, at 12 noon.  Yellow City Flea is located at 100 S. Lincoln at the Bowery Warehouse.

If you love unique and crafty and beautiful and quirky, then check out Yellow City Flea.

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